Helpful Info

Paying taxes from a work computer:
Most companies have security features in place to protect their investments and restrict access to certain websites.
According to our research and feedback from taxpayers, it seems that any company using software on their server will not grant access to our software, via our website.
If you are experiencing problems paying your taxes online from work, please try from your home or try one of our other pay options. If you are still having issues, please contact your company's IT Department.
Portal Administration Fee for using online services:
The Treasurer's Office does not charge a fee to use our online services. However, a portal administration fee is charged by Information Networks of Arkansas / which provides us with the electronic means to pay your taxes.
DAV Exemption:
To qualify for a DAV exemption, you must furnish the Treasurer with a letter of eligibility from the Veterans Administration dated in the current year not later than July 15 due to an audit requirement. Special improvement levies are not eligible for this exemption. Questions? Call our DAV Specialist at 501-340-8965.
Amendment 79:
In November 2000, Amendment 79 was passed by Arkansas voters. This law allows a credit of up to $350 on the general taxes of an eligible taxpayer's real estate tax bill. Click here for more details.
Mortgage Companies:
If a mortgage company is responsible for paying your real estate taxes, and you received a bill from us, please forward your tax statement to them for payment. Be sure to include your mortgage loan number.
Tax Receipts:
Please be advised that we have discontinued mailing tax receipts. Your cancelled check will serve as your receipt. Payment receipts and duplicate bills can be obtained on this website under the "Pay Taxes/Tax Inquiry" tab.
How taxes are calculated:
Taxes are calculated by multiplying the "taxable value" (20% of the appraised value established by the Assessor) times the "millage rate" (excluding improvement tax, timber tax or Assessor penalties). Millage Rates 2011 Payable 2012
What is a mill? A mill is one-tenth of one cent.
What is the tax rate percent? It is the percentage of a property's total appraised value that an individual pays in property taxes (the average Arkansan pays an effective tax rate less than 1%).
What is the assessed value? 20% of the appraised value established by the Assessor.
Miscellaneous Information
Deadline to assess is May 31st. Contact the Assessor at 501-340-6181 or
City Liens, sanitation fees and Suburban Special Improvement Assessments must be paid before or with ad valorem taxes.
New address: You must notify both the Treasurer and Assessor to assure proper billing and notification.
Property taxes are billed one year in arrears.
Changing vehicles? Notify the Assessor's office 501-340-6181.